Hey, I may be a real turtle.

2016-04-08 08:55:17 by RiceKappa

Im so slow. excuse me for lack of drawings!
i'll post when I can! 
aww yees!

~*+~*+ Go check out this cool guy->  Moosh  ~*+~*+

I wish to be a turtle..

2015-03-31 07:35:09 by RiceKappa

life has been so busy.

so I wish to be a turtle, I'd live forever and not care about things around me...

New Art on the Way!

2010-06-18 03:17:13 by RiceKappa

It's the summer now!
New art will be submitted soon~

If their is any question or Requests- Please Message me in PM!!

And thank you to every one who welcomed me to NG <3

visit my art page

New Art on the Way!